The great people of the Islamic Golden Age.

A self initiated project consisting of a series of illustrations that shed light on the great Muslims of the past. They advanced knowledge and left a mark on the islamic region and the entire world. Their passion drove them to spread knowledge and not for fame.⠀

Their contributions during that time period advanced medicine, machinery, mathematics, astronomy and many other fields.

Each illustration features a great remarkable person. They do not represent exactly how these people look and dress but these are my interpretations as for the most part, there are no photographs of them, only other interpretations by other artists and statues. 

Each illustration features symbols/objects around the person relating to their discoveries and inventions.
Known for the invention of Algebra in Mathematics, he also has a great impact on geography and astronomy.⠀
‏This great man has paved the way for modern cameras. He discoveries of light and interaction of the eye and brain was fundamental. He was also responsible for the creation of the dark room and he excelled in mathematics and astronomy.⠀
 A great woman, she perhaps did not have a scientific contribution but her actions led to educated generations. With her money, she built a mosque called Qarawiyyin and oversaw its construction. Many years after her passing, the mosque turned into a university and it is said that it is the oldest running university to date.
Bin Sina was a philosopher, astronomer and his greatest accomplishment is his encyclopedia “The Canon of Medicine” which was the standard in medicine referenced by islamic countries and the west. He also invented astronomical devices and was a physicist.⠀
A great woman who was an astronomer and excelled in her creation of Astrolabes. Astrolabes were used for astronomical measurements, identifying the prayer times and prayer direction. What made Mariam stand out is her unique designs of her Astrolabes and it is said but not confirmed that she was the only woman who created Astrolabes during the Islamic Golden Age.⠀
He is an inventor of 80+ marvelous and original mechanical devices. He made clocks shaped as elephants, made mechanical music bands and used water as a tool to move his devices such as fountains. He is the man behind the toilet flush, something that may seem unremarkable but truly genius. He was also an artist and drew guides on how to replicate his devices.