Qualitynet Calendar Illustrations

Qualitynet is a Kuwait-based internet broadband provider founded in 1998.
For this project, I collaborated closely with Qualitynet in the creation of 12 illustrations for the 12 months of the year for their 2020 calendar. A part of their initiative to spread knowledge beyond just their services, I was inspired to come up with a different an idea that takes us back in time where the main form of trade in Kuwait was pearl diving.

This profession has been key in Kuwait's growth till the discovery of oil. I wanted to pay tribute to those pearl drivers by capturing a unique moment in each month.

The art-style I went with is simplistic with a brushy tone, I did not want a very polished look, yet in some ways with the color palette I created, it is slightly modern.
The Expedition begins.
Each month features an illustration inspired from the pearl diving era in the region.
January - The Journey
This is where the journey begins, men leave their homes and families for a long and hard journey.
February - Oh Ya Mal
A popular chant done by Kuwaitis while on board. They sing together in anticipation of the money they would earn for their upcoming hard work.
March - The Dive
Pearl divers suited up and ready to jump into the sea.
April - The Expedition
A group of divers under the sea collecting shells in hopes to find their biggest pearls.
May- Chatter
Some of the divers taking a break.
June - The Retrieval
A pearl diver being pulled up from a round of pearl searching.
July - Opening Shells
The best moment for the pearl divers is to see their hard work being paid off. Here they open each shell looking for pearls, the bigger the better value it has.
August - The Feast
Pearl divers enjoying a good meal from fish they caught.
September - Starry Night
A night scene with divers resting from a long day of diving.
October - Setting Sail
They are ready to sail back home. Here we see people preparing the sails.
My main tool was iPad Pro and the Procreate app.
I went from sketch to coloring on the app then brought it to Photoshop for minor color touchups.
November - The Return
Families united, kids excited as the divers return from their long journey.
December - Tribute
A Kuwaiti home with a portrait of a “grandfather” who was a pearl diver. Concluding that their hardships still live on today.