Celebrating the GCC

Nagwa is a traditional sweets shop based in Kuwait.
My involvement for this project was the creation a series of illustrations utilized as magnets. The magnets celebrate the GCC countries with heritage, culture and traditions. These were designed to attach to their packaging or any metal surface like fridges.⠀

The GCC is comprised of 6 countries, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman.

Each magnet comes in a small card with a beautiful message for each country written by Nagwa and designed by myself.

You can find these magnets at any Nagwa stores in Kuwait.⠀

Beautiful photoshoot done by Nagwa

Celebrating Heritage, I captured significant themes from each of the GCC countries
The Process from sketch, blocking on illustrator, coloring and defining the extrusions of the 3D magnets.