Nagwa Playing Cards & Winter Theme

Nagwa is a traditional sweets shop based in Kuwait.
This marks my third collaboration with them and it is always exciting to work with brands that puts value in tradition.

The project was to create a custom playing cards deck inspired by the region. Instead of going with the traditional playing cards design asthenic, I wanted to create something different. The theme, specifically the characters, are looking through their windows with a facial expression of hope and wonder. I utalized this concept to also allow me to create assets around the characters like curtains, chandeliers, etc.

I've also had the opportunity to expand on the concept and create the storefront decals and as well as a few other packaging items.

You can find these playing cards as part of a "winter" package at any Nagwa stores in Kuwait.

Special thanks to Bricks ( for the beautiful photoshoot

Celebrating heritage, each design captures traditional clothing and accessories.
Some behind the scenes.