Lgaima Tin Packaging

Lgaima is a local sweets brand catered to traditional flavors with an exciting modern direction. This project collaboration centers around the creation of a new identity imaged through a set of 3 tin packages.

I came up with the concept of "gatherings" as it is an essential part of every Arab household. In each tin package I imagined different types of gatherings in symmetrical rooms. One captures a family gathering with relatives, one is a women only gathering and the last is a men only gathering, commonly seen in Arabic countries.

Each room setting captures colorful people enjoying coffee, tea and chatting with one another. Essentially, I wanted to embody the product as the central focus of their conversations and ultimately, bringing people together.

You can find these here.
These illustrations were built to be made into tin packaging. I paid close attention to add detail where it makes sense but keep the general look and feel simplistic for the best outcome.