This is E'naba (Arabic name derived from "grapes") and that's her story.

She was born with long ears and shortly after her birth her mother had passed way. Her father raised her and he runs a modest jewelry store in the village and occasionally he crafts jewels for his daughter to wear. Years passed and her father discovered that with those long ears, his daughter can hear much further than other humans. One day, E'naba was home, she suddently hears someone running towards her door from a far distance, it's turns out to be her father rushing into the house, tired and worried, he was carrying grapes and asked E'naba to take them and flee to a nearby village without asking any questions.

E'naba confused, starts running and crying towards the other village while hearing a group of foot steps headed to her home followed by sword duells which she assumed that her father had been stabbed. She reached the other village and footsteps followed, so she had to move turning her life into a constant run. Over time she noticed that the grapes stayed fresh which she believed they must be special in some way. As a reminder of her father and because there wont be anywhere to hide the grapes, she carried them on her head as jewels. 

E'naba will discover that these grapes hold the power of immortality which everyone is pursuing but she will always question  how did her father get them and does her name have to do anything with these grapes.