Eid Alfitr
Collaboration with Snapchat

Excited to share my sixth collaboration with the Snap team in creating visuals for Eid Alfitr 2020. Eid Alfitr is a yearly Muslim celebration taking place right after the holy month of Ramadan. While the celebration is based on prayers, enjoying food with family and gifting money, with the covid-19 pandemic, I decided the adapt the concept where Eid is celebrated from home.

In 5 seconds, you see a set of 4 themes abstractly capturing places where Eid is celebrated. Arab world, West, Asia and Africa. My concept shows families celebrating the rituals of Eid at their homes.

Each home takes cues from different cultures presented in a colorful and whimsical color palette emphasizing the excitement. Moreover, the entire look and feel is a modern take on patterns curated for each of the regions.

My work featured creating the entire concept, visuals, stickers and filters.
This Snap was showcased in most places where Eid is celebrated.
This year's Eid is different, it is celebrated from home. 

Animation/music was developed by the snap team. Concept, assets and direction was created by myself.

From patterns to small objects, I captured the traditional African heritage in a simplistic way. There is also a guest giraffe peaking in. 

Did a lot of research on this one getting inspired by art, furniture and clothing of Muslim Asians presented in a modern palette.
A modern loft with a western family. It was quite interesting to include the stairs, creating different scenes from the same cubic isometric shape.
Each of the Muslim countries are vastly different but share some common curvatures in architecture and the traditions of eating together.
The following are eight stickers used on Snap stories.
Some were adapted for different regions.
Initial Sketches for the concept.
These are the filters created for Eid Alfitr. Some were used for different regions.