Eid Aladha
Collaboration with Snapchat

Excited to share my seventh collaboration with the Snap team in creating visuals for Eid Aladha 2020. Eid Aladha is a yearly Muslim celebration and comes 2 months after Eid Alfitr. While the celebration is based on prayers, enjoying food with family and gifting money, with the covid-19 pandemic still going on, I went with a concept that is inspired by childhood memories the were made at home so I created a small puppet show.

Puppet shows are one of the earliest forms of entertainment and in many cultures, creating a makeshift puppet show at home filled everyone with a lot of joy. Having a puppet show as an overall concept builds on the conditions of today yet shows some joy in the smallest ways possible.
My work featured creating the entire concept, visuals, stickers and filters.
This Snap was showcased in most places where Eid is celebrated.
This year's Eid continues from home.

Animation/music was developed by the snap team. Concept, assets, art and direction was created by myself.

The concept has a vibrant and modern look inspired by the creative puppet shows of the past. The curtain opens up and reveals a multi layered show which has people, sheep and bouncing clouds.
The following are four stickers created for Snap stories.
Some were adapted for different regions.
This is the filter created for Eid Aladha.
Initial Sketches for the concept.