Hi there, this is Retired Arab

My first self initiated project in the NFT space. This collection features unique 1/1 NFTs that are non-generative. I’ve created each one based on an imaginative character of an Arab person sitting and enjoying his coffee. Since he is retired, I thought I’d give him a new purpose, something to do and experience life portrayed in wacky situations. Each NFT comes in a still format and a video spin-around so you can see your character from every angle.

Collection drop 1 is out now on Opensea 
I went full on designing everything from the actual NFTs and the branding the compliments the collection.
One of the unique NFTS, this one's a hero, a retired one.

Instagram Layout

Website design www.retiredarab.com


This is how it started, a simple sketch.

Fun fact, the entire collection was developed from start to finish on iPad pro. Sculpting on "Nomad Sculpt" and painting on "Procreate".
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